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This is an image GeoDecor offers exceptional fossils, minerals and meteorites for interior designers, collectors and museums. Fossils, naturally occurring in limestone, over 50 million years old, from the Green River Formation are a mainstay of GeoDecor's offerings. These include custom murals and mosaics. Our guarantee of authenticity makes each of our world-class pieces a valuable, as well as aesthetically satisfying, investment.

GeoDecor’s cornerstone is the company’s C.E.O., Thomas E. Lindgren, whose 25 years of intensive field and lab experience inform every aspect of the company. Photos of outstanding fossils and minerals, acquired from around the world, will be presented on this site as they become available. Personal viewing of specimens in our showroom in Tucson, Arizona, is by appointment only. If you have a request for a specific fossil or mineral, please email us. If we don't have the item in our warehouse, we can locate almost any type of specimen through our extensive network of contacts worldwide.

Thomas Lindgren

This is an image An internationally recognized expert and lecturer, particularly with regard to the Green River Formation fossils of Wyoming, Thomas E. Lindgren’s career has spanned and integrated the worlds of scientific and commercial paleontology.

Mr. Lindgren has secured fossil specimens for world-renowned institutions such as The American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Field Museum in Chicago, Museums of Scotland, The Denver Museum and the Smithsonian. Additionally, his donations of fossils and artifacts to several educational institutions and museums illustrate his commitment to worldwide appreciation of the Earth’s paleontological treasures.

Mr. Lindgren's passion for natural history grew from a high school field trip in which student labor was instrumental in saving a Native American archaeological site from the ravages of erosion due to dam development. Over a nearly thirty-year period as a self-taught paleontologist, he has acquired in-depth field and lab experience in fossils, as well as extensive knowledge in the valuation of fossils, minerals and a wide variety of natural history items.

On a commercial plane, Mr. Lindgren has offered and sold fossil specimens to discerning private collectors at international fossil and mineral shows since the mid-1980’s and has appeared on numerous television programs such as Pawn Stars, QVC, Designing for the Sexes, and Cash and Treasures.

Mr. Lindgren has established an extensive worldwide network of contacts through which he is constantly informed of the availability of new and interesting fossil and mineral materials, specimens and products. GeoDecor represents the culmination of Thomas Lindgren’s life’s work, offering the world’s most extraordinary fossil stone and fossil and mineral specimens to designers, collectors and museums.

Mr. Lindgren is a member of the prestigious Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences.