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Exclusive GeoDecor Paintings 

Available exclusively through GeoDecor, our original paintings can specifically complement your fossil acquisitions, or simply add an evocative mood, the visual texture and color family your interior requires.
Inspired by natural phenomena, each painting is an original oil or acrylic painting created on canvas or paper by an award-winning artist.
[idea: recommend specific pieces for exhibition with Green river, holzmaden, etc -- key the wall-hangable fossil pieces on the website with links to specific paintings. Link: Recommended Exclusive GeoDecor Painting to Complement this Piece]
For ASID members: Commission a work of art to your specifications. For details, please contact
Ask Makoto: What sizes are possible? What stock sizes? Are custom sizes doable, or do we limit to pre-made canvases/papers? What are the combinations of mediums? (oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, etc??) - I can work on specific quotes for prices with Makoto.
Can the work be done 'on spec' for members of ASID-- artist works by photograph of a finished interior or client orders by sending fabric or paint samples to harmonize with, along with explanation of needs (dramatic, subdued, calming, vertical lines, size and orientation (vert vs. horiz., ech.)? -- Higher price points for this service.--escalating prices for number of versions, color palette sample, etc.)
And/or, do they choose between existing paintings, which can be categorized by:
predominantly subdued or dark tones
contrasting light/bright and dark tones
predominantly neutrals
warm tones present
cool tones present
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