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Lighted Pocket de Venancio Smoky Quartz Crystal on Bronze Base

In February of 2000, excavators who were searching for gemstones in the famous Minas Gerais region in Govenador Valadares of Brazil came upon a thin area of stone. (Primitive methods of searching for crystal-bearing cavities in the region include tapping on the earth’s rocky surface to detect hollow chambers beneath.) To their astonishment, upon breaking through the surface, a cave with a treasure trove of sparkling smoky quartz crystals met their eyes. Dubbed the Pocket de Venancio crystals, the specimens are some of the most important smoky quartz crystals ever discovered. The present example, from the very limited number of specimens discovered, is perhaps the only <i>Pocket de Venancio</i> specimen on the market today. Its highly desirable deep smoky color and fascinating crocodile texture, glowing above a beautifully designed contemporary bronze base, make it a covetable decorative piece. 


Designed by internationally acclaimed lapidary and sculptor, Lawrence Stoller, designer of the centerpiece of the Seven Tears Memorial in New York City.

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