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GeoDecor proudly presents a collection of gem-quality amethyst geodes from the famous Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

Comprising a spectacularly varied group of natural treasures, from elegant cathedrals to quirky organically shaped pieces, GeoDecor's sizable collection of natural amethyst geodes is from the world's most famous source of high quality gems.


Sparkling, large, deep purple crystals are a hallmark of the finest gem-quality amethyst found in the famed Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Formed in volcanic vugs - gas bubbles which appeared in lava during prehistoric volcanic eruptions - geodes began as voids within volcanic rock. Over eons,  the seepage of mineral-laden water into the voids, along with intense heat and pressure caused by immense geologic forces, produced the gorgeous gem-quality crystals seen in GeoDecor's amethyst geode collection.  Each geode is a unique and extraordinary creation of nature, designed to be displayed as the pride of a mineral collection or as interior design jewelry for home or office. Contact GeoDecor for more information.

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