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Fossil Excavation


GeoDecor maintains a prominent foothold in the Green River Formation, a prehistoric Eocene lake system which existed in Southwestern Wyoming between 51 and 45 million years ago. Now located 7,100 feet above sea level, the layers of sedimentary stone reveal the rich variety of life which thrived in this prehistoric ecosystem. 


© Photo by Katie Lynch

The unique sedimentary layers of the excavation have been studied since the mid-1800's, and GeoDecor has worked closely with geologists and paleontologists to ensure the continuation of the study of this important geologic formation. GeoDecor Green River fossil donations can be viewed at Fossil Butte National Monument and at educational institutions and museums in the United States and worldwide. 

Our spectacular Green River Formation specimens are quarried by a trained team, who remove the fossils by hand, according to approved scientific methods. Each digging season yields a fascinating collection of finds, including a wide variety of fishes, as well as the more rare palm fronds, turtles, crocodiles and birds. Please check back often to view our new discoveries.

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